Zeeheldenkwartier: PIM – Coffee, Sandwitches & Vintage

In the Prins Hendrikstraat 113, 5 Minutes away with the bike from the city you find the amazing café PIM Coffee .


In the café you find single tables, to work on your laptop but also a couch to relax. In summer you can sit ouside and enjoy the sun. The people there a mixed: hipster, families with small children (they have an extra big table for them), working people.

They offer small snacks like sandwiches, tosti’s, taartjes & cakesjes and they have special offers for breakfast for two for 19,90€. The range of cakes is big and the taste super, I got a small peace of cake when I got my Latte Macchiato, which was delicious.

PIM also has a big range of coffee, iced coffee variations and thee:

A swet cafe very good located, very good service: I can  highly recommend it. (free WLan).

Lattte Macchiato: 2,80€


Zeeheldenkwartier: PIM – Coffee, Sandwitches & Vintage
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