Greece | Windsurfing – sports travel Lesbos


Windsurfing Lesbos   

2 weeks | May 2009 (low season) | with organisation

Windsurfing Lesbos – sports holiday with Frosch SportreisenI went there to learn to windsurf and got my windsurf licence


  What to do on Lesbos

# the island is nice, but because of the way of traveling and sure I made the course I didn’t see a lot. The hotel was close to Mitilini, a small village at a hill, with nice small restaurants with a fantastic view.

# The agency offered a lot for sport lovers, like mountain biking, running, and a tour to the hot springs you can jump in after a sport session.


Windsurfing Lesbos – an agency organized group travel..

The way of group traveling was a new experience, I didn’t like so much. You were always surrounded by the same (German) people and not a lot contact to the locals. Windsurfing Lesbos: Good for people who love to do sport and don’t like to organize on their own…and it is an expensive way of traveling (many extras like drinks and lunch, food quality and price didn’t fit)


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