Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – my favorite restaurants, bars and places to relax

After 8 years Berlin and Prenzlauer Berg I was wondering, why I never wrote something about my favorite places here in my hood. So here is my list – most of them have free Wi-fi:

In love with Spanish tapas: „Bar Gracia“ – the atmosphere, the service, food & vino. Just opened in Jan 2017 and already on of my new favorite restaurants: Bar Gracia (reservation!)

Gin or Vino lover? Don’t miss the L24 Bar 

An amazing coffee place I can highly recommend is the „Elbspeicher Cafe Berlin“ a cafe they serve handmade coffee from Hamburg. The cake is one of the best soo yummy yummy. In the summer you can sit outside in the sun and watch all the people walking by-  there are not many cars driving in this street.

But also inside the flair is very special, small tables and a relaxed place also to go alone and just to read a good book.(no Wi-Fi)

Sitting outside – always a good choice for me is the „Wohnzimmer“ it is perfect to sit and work in the sun the whole day- free Wlan and super duper Frappé. They also offer a daily soup (yummy), salads and small snacks. Free Wi-Fi

Inside it is a superficial atmosphere- just check the pictures on their website, it is the old 60ies/70ies style, so cool. They have two areas: smoker and non smoker. You might see many international visitors because next to the bar is a hostel.

You are a salat lover? Me too – then don’t miss the NEO1 they also offer smoothies, small dishes and many things more. Free Wi-Fi

You want to work in the sun and sit in a beach chair? Then go to the KollBerg35 they offer small snacks and breakfastFree Wi-Fi


Best place to drink a good German wine

For me the best choice for a good wine in a very good quality and a super price is the „Cafe Liebling“ located in the Raumerstraße.

Next to a lot of good wines they have small snacks  and breakfast (all bio), try the „Ziegenschnitte“. During summer it’s sunny outside but in winter you also have a warmly atmosphere inside.


Best place to chill outside in the sun 


Helmholtzplatz There is a small greenfield at the corner Dunckerstr./Raumerstr., perfect to chill with a book.

Wasserturm You are looking for a secret green place to read a book in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg? Then go to the Wasserturm, walk up the stairs and enjoy 🙂


Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – my favorite restaurants, bars and places to relax

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