#trynewthings: Golf

My first Golf lesson in Berlin Pankow: Last week I joined a friend to the golf Resort Pankow. He is a golfer for many (many) years and when he told me this on our last dinner, I decided: I want to know why he loves this sport soo much. 



My sports are usually running, squash, windsurfing, swimming, tennis, biking, skiing. But golf I never ever tried and was not sure if this is a sport I would like…


The first hour we went on the „driving range“ to hit some golf balls. It is not seen easy as it seems. First you have differentiate „golf irons“ which affect the flight of the ball. To hit the ball perfectly I first thought it must be a question of power, but it isn’t.: You have the high concentrated for a perfect hit.

Then we went „putten“, and it was the same like on the driving range- not so easy as it first seemed. The highest concentration is needed to put the golf ball perfectly. 

Next time on the greenfield I just went with my friend together and watched his game. And we walked around for around 1,5 hours, I didn’t expect this and enjoyed the fresh air, the nature and the high concentrated  game.

After the game had dinner in the restaurant with a relaxed nature view, what a relaxed evening. The players were in every age and all very relaxed and friendly people.

So what has happened?

I am infected – golf virus so I booked my first lesson for today. For me the Mix of concentration, nature, fresh air, relaxed people and a warm atmosphere.  

So join me the next weeks, how much „Tiger Woods“ is in me, will I pass the test? Follow me on my blog here!

Do you have any tips for me?


#trynewthings: Golf

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  • November 14, 2016 um 8:30 pm Uhr

    Sehr schön und nicht nachlassen, dann wird das noch etwas mit Mrs. Wood 🙂


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