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Backpacking Cambodia: Cardamom Mountains to Angkor Wat  

1 week | February 2013 (high season) | with friend

travel guide: the rough guide Southeast Asia

Vietnam to Kampot: You can walk over the border after passport and a small medical check. Catch a taxi right after the boarder, there are many on the way to Kampot.

Backpacking Cambodia: Krong Kampot

Kampot is a nice small village, good to spend two nights. I can recommend (tasty breakfast, clean and supergood cocktails): Rikitikitavi

  Things to do in Kampot

# Buy some pepper on the street when you walk around

# don’t miss eating (every day)  the traditional food Amok (haa mok trəy) in one of the street restaurants

# Make a sunset boat trip on the river, just ask at the hotel for the tour, takes around one hour:

Kampot to the island Koh Thmei:
First take the
 taxi to Koh Kchhang Fishing Village (there’s no other way to the fishing village). From there a boat will bring you – in an amazing 1,5 hour trip – to the island. Cause the hostel is arranging the boat trip to the island you have to contact them in advance.

Backpacking Cambodia: Koh Thmei Resort

a German couple (super relaxed people) owned a housing area with around 5 Bungalows and one main “kitchen and get- together” bungalow. I would recommend spending there two or three nights then you have seen it.

  Things to do on Koh Thei

# Eating: they have a super kitchen there, cooking local food which is very tasty. Prices are in the middle price range.
# Sport: you can hire Kayaks there or run at the beach, but beware of dogs in the neighborhood.
# enjoy a walk in the rain forests, where you can see birds, scorpions and water buffalo.

but: it is a quiet Island keep this in mind for yor decision 


Koh Thmei Resort with bus to Krong Preah Sihanouk (Sihanoukville): There’s a bus you can take in the morning  with a small stop over / bus change.

Backpacking Cambodia: Shanoukvillage

A small village where you have a lot restaurant, hostels and bars. It’s the perfect place to make a trip to the Cardamom Mountains


  Things to do in Shanoukvillage

Explore the rain forest with a local guide: eco tours offer a two-day trip through the jungle: 4 hours walking, bath in the waterfall, dinner, sleeping in hammocks and another walk around 4 hours, also a night walk in the jungle. The guide was an ex poacher who changed the sides. Just a great experience & unforgettable adventure: don’t miss!


Bus Sihanoukville nach Siem Reap

The bus trip takes around 12/14 hours, cause the direct way is – because of land mines – not possible, a stopover / bus change in Phnom Penh on the way.
Booking: center of Sihanoukville least one day ahead.



Backpacking Cambodia: Siem Reap – Angkor Wat :-*

we stayed in a hostel: Shadow of Ankor II. A nice hotel with a swimming pool, which is good to cool down after visiting all the temples during the day.

  Things to do in Angkor Wat

 # explore the temples: rent a tuc-tuc-driver for the long of your stay, the hostel will help you with the arrangement. The hostel also gives you tip, which locations to visit in your residence time.

# Sunrise at Angkor – be early! Maybe take a guide at that day that is showing you the main temple and arrange the one hour tuc tuc trip to Angkor, an amazing place with fewer tourists!

# Here are my favorite temples:



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